Lens Portfolio

Customers have different visual needs in line with their varied lifestyles. Understanding our customers' needs and providing the right solution is a key reason our customers return year after year and recommend us at every opportunity.

Best natural vision in any situation

We have carefully selected a 5 STAR lens portfolio covering the full range of age and task-specific lenses which make reading, computer and handheld digital device use easier and more comfortable than ever.

Our lenses cover every visual need, lifestyle and budget.

Our fabulous team of passionate and talented optical dispensers have the training and skills to recommend the most appropriate lens solution for you.

Single Vision Lenses

Our single vision lenses provide a clear, stable, and comfortable visual experience. Our single vision lenses offer the personal fit that our customers need in order to experience the broadest possible fields of clear vision, with lenses custom designed as per individual prescriptions.

Progressive Lenses

Whether you call them multifocals, varifocals, no-line bifocals, graduated or progressive lenses, we understand what you mean and what you need.

We are ‘multifocal’ specialists and very high percentage of our customers wear a progressive lens. Customised to the wearer, our progressive lenses offer greater wearer tolerance, faster adaptation, and optimum visual support for the near and far zones.

From standard progressives to the most advanced lenses such as Autograph Intelligence from Shamir, our lenses cover every visual need, lifestyle and budget.

Three-month progressive lens warranty

Naked Specs offers an impressive three-month warranty for all our progressive lenses covering non-adaption, PD adjustment and heights. We want you to be completely happy your lenses. No worries, no fuss.

Occupational Lenses

Visual comfort is essential for those spending their workdays at their desk and in front of their computer (and that’s a lot of us). Our occupational lenses (or office lenses) provide the optimal visual experience in desktop computing and workspace environments. They are designed to significantly improve visual clarity and comfort in the near and intermediate viewing zones.

Is it time to get your eyes tested?

Our optometrists conduct comprehensive eye examinations in a comfortable environment. All eye tests are bulk-billed (meaning no out-of-pocket expense). Book your eye test online in just a minute or two.

Book an eye test

Lens Coatings

Shamir’s high-quality, hi-tech coatings provide superior durability, performance and protection.

Whether as a hardened layer safeguarding lenses against scratching, or a premium anti-reflective add-on reducing annoying glare and reflections, our coatings improve visual comfort, make eyeglasses easy to clean, and ensure that they last longer.

Some coatings help block ultraviolet and infrared light when outdoors while others filter out blue light that eyeglass wearers may be exposed to when using digital devices or computers indoors.


Shamir Glacier Plus UV™

An advanced achromatic coating with UV and AR (anti-reflective) properties which help deliver perfectly clear, bloom-free vision, and keep reflected sunlight from bouncing off rear lens surfaces into the eyes.

Shamir Blue Zero – Lens-embedded blue light protection

In a world that increasingly surrounds us in artificial light, our eyes need protection from the damaging effects of HEV (High Energy Visible), or what is commonly known as blue light. Shamir Blue Zero is a unique polymer formula-based lens material featuring built-in blue light protection. In addition to blocking just the right amount of blue light to keep eyes healthy, these lenses maintain contrast sensitivity, ensuring high visual clarity, colour perception and comfortable vision in all light conditions.

Shamir Blue Zero is a clear lens. It eliminates the unsightly and annoying blue residue apparent on other products attempting to block blue light. 

Ask the team about Shamir Blue Zero when you visit.


Love the frames you have? Existing lenses broken or damaged? Need a cost-effective option? Naked Specs offers a re-lensing service (meaning inserting new lenses in an existing frame). With our high-quality frames, our customers regularly re-lens their glasses.

If you are concerned about the condition of your frame, pop into our store. We will verify the condition of the frame and undertake the re-lens service only if we are confident that we can do a great job.

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