“Everything we do is for YOU, the customer. We live and breathe to WOW our customers”

Experience - what our customers say

Meet the Naked Specs team

Justine Levin

Bringing many years of corporate and retail experience in customer service and sales, Justine has gained a deep understanding of customers’ needs in today’s complex and challenging world. Never frightened to challenge the status quo, Justine strives to bring about positive change for customers and business alike in an ethical and creative way filled with passion and care and a whole lot of fun!

Justine has created an extraordinary eyewear business with a vast and unique range of independent eyewear handpicked from across the globe. Naked Specs back-up their amazing eyewear range with a unique, personalised customer experience that surpasses expectations.


Optical Dispenser

I love coming to work at Naked Specs every day because the whole team relish creating a joyful and supportive atmosphere where our customers enjoy the process of selecting a fabulous pair of spectacles, that not only look and feel fabulous, but also give them the best possible vision. I joined the Naked Specs' team officially 2 years ago, but have been involved as a proud supporter of Justine since its inception. I have a background in finance and mining investment and a passion for good food, community and living consciously on our beautiful planet.


Optical Dispenser

I have had the pleasure of working at Naked Specs for 2 years now. I love living in Fremantle, having worked in the service industry for many years including travel and tourism, medical and allied health administration really appreciate the unique experience at Naked Specs. Love being fashion forward with clothing, jewellery and accessories and value how important frames can be to create statement eyewear for someone.

What to Expect - what our customers say

A different approach to eyewear and eyecare

To change the optical experience, we changed the model.

1. We are a brand that stands for something

We work tirelessly to earn and retain a positive reputation with our customers and suppliers alike. We are good at what we do and keep our promises. We deeply care about our customers, build trust and loyalty. Our goal is to have customers for life who keep come back to us time after time and love sharing their joyous experience by referring their friends and family.

2. We offer an amazing selection of glasses and personalised styling

We want you to ‘Reveal Yourself’ with eyewear that you LOVE!

Buying glasses for most people is an underwhelming transactional experience. Each visit is a personalised eyewear styling consultation. We have over 2,000 pairs of handpicked brands and frames selected from independent eyewear brands from across the globe. We source unique frames for unique people. Glasses for every individual. We offer the range, the care and the expert support to ensure you find your ideal glasses.

3. We understand our customer's needs and provide the right optical solution

We use world class optical laboratories such as Shamir and Zeiss and offer the highest quality lens designs. Our fabulous team of passionate and talented optical dispensers have the training and skills to recommend the most appropriate lens solutions for you. We do this by spending extra time to understand your lifestyle, needs and budget. We discuss with you the various lens options available, provide you with realistic expectations and guide you in your decision making.

This needs discovery process ensures that we find the right solution(s) for you. It is a key reason our customers return year after year and why they recommend us. The team have no sales targets or quotas to reach. Our recommendations are only based on what you really need.

4. We deliver great customer service

The Naked Specs team deliver on the promises made to you at every step of the process. We will always be there for you whether it be for simple ongoing cleaning and adjustments through to more complex areas such as lens adaption and changes in vision.

In the rare situation that a customer has issues with either the prescription, frame or lenses, our highly trained and compassionate staff will always work with you to find the right solution. We are there for you every step of the way and never turn our backs if things are tricky. This is another key reason our customers come back to us time after time. They trust us to always do the right thing by them and find the right solution

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