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Diva VIII (Colour 198)

Brand: Plein Les Mirettes (France)

Colour: Pink-orange-yellow  (col: 198)

Plein les mirettes = "full in your eyes". Think about the stars-in-your-eyes emoji . That is to have plein les mirettes.

Plein Les Mirettes (PLM), imagined by French designer Christophe Morcamp, presents a stunningly evocative collection of optical designs, mixing heritage and futuristic details for women of all ages. The collection is divided into four series: Diva, Fantasque, Demoiselle and Re-belle.

Each selection of frames addresses the desires and lifestyle preferences of a different female persona. Diva inspiration: explosive, sublime and uncomplicated, the Diva does not follow but invents trends. She does not submit to the dictates of fashion but assumes her differences.

Unapologetically feminine and wonderfully eclectic, PLM makes eyewear that stands out in any room. One-of-a-kind products for the stylish and fashion-forward.