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Safety Eyewear - PSG Eyewear Authorised Dealer

Prescription Safety Eyewear Header

Naked Specs - an authorised dealer of PSG Eyewear.

Established in 2006, PSG is today the largest supplier in Australia and New Zealand of certified and compliant Prescription Safety Glasses under standard AS/NZS 1337.6.

Largest Range of Certified Prescription Safety Eyewear

PSG provide the largest selection of styles, shapes and materials to satisfy the needs of workers. Being a division of Essilor, PSG has access to a wide range of outstanding quality lenses and technologies.

PSG Frames

All PSG frames are manufactured to exceed regular ophthalmic frames' standards. PSG has the largest selection of styles, shapes and materials to satisfy the needs of workers.

All PSG frame models are tested as part of SAI Global audited QA system and provided with full documentation as per the standard.

Naked Specs holds a full range of PSG frames in store for you to try on. Bring a current prescription with you to the store for your fitting or book an eye test online following the link below.

PLASTIC (NON-CONDUCTIVE) FRAMES are available in Plastic, Positive Seal and Screwless (Metal Free). Plastic Frames are suitable for electrical environment work. Positive Seal Plastic Frames are suitable for dusty and extreme outdoor working environments. Screwless (Metal Free) Frames can be used for Food Grade Environments.

METAL (CONDUCTIVE) FRAMES available in Stainless Steel and Titanium, have metal temples, lens frame carrier and are not suitable for high voltage work, such as conducted by electricians and inspectors.

Products are designed to protect employees from the hazards of the workplace and depending on the prescription requested are manufactured from PSG's certified lab as certified or compliant to meet AS/NZ 1337.6 Standards for prescription safety eyewear.

Fast Delivery Time

PSG guarantees delivery back to the Naked Spec's store within 7-10 days from approval, ensuring that you or your workers spend the shortest amount of time without proper protection.

Eye Examinations

Naked Specs offers full and comprehensive eye examinations including checks for cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye checks in a professional, personalised and caring environment.

All eye tests are bulk-billed meaning no out-of-pocket expense for you.

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