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Why are they so much cheaper?

We cut out the middle-man so that you don’t have to pay for wholesalers, distributors or expensive brand licensing fees. We’ve also made a conscious decision not to have over-inflated prices – we genuinely want to bring you good quality and good value.


What’s the quality like?

It’s at least equal to designer glasses that you would buy from a traditional optical store, and in some cases our materials are of higher quality!  We manufacture our glasses using high quality cellulose acetate (never plastic) and we use superior quality spring hinges where the design allows, to give you the best fit. 

Great Lenses - all our complete glasses packages come with1.5 Index single vision lenses, including anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings. You can upgrade to thinner lenses if you wish, and there may be times where this is necessary to give you the best possible result (when you have a really strong prescription).


What are your lenses made of?

Our 1.5 index lenses are made from a resin material known as CR39.  It has a higher visual acuity rating than polycarbonate lenses (which means you get a clearer view!).

We fit 1.5 index lenses as standard, and you can easily upgrade these to thinner lenses after you add your frames to the shopping cart.

You can upgrade to a 1.6 extra thin lens, which is made from a Japanese resin material called MR8.  Our 1.67 ultra-thin lens is made from MR10 (also a Japanese resin) .

We recommend upgrading to 1.6 index lenses when your prescription strength is over +/-3. If your prescription strength is +/-5, then we recommend going for a 1.67 index lens. This will make your specs thinner and lighter, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing granny’s jam jars!


What coatings are applied to the lenses?

Free of charge, we apply a Hard Multi-Coat to our standard lenses to make them scratch resistant and anti-reflective.


What if my lenses get scratched?

Because we apply a scratch-resistant coating, the lenses should not scratch - but they are scratch resistant, not scratch proof!  You will still need to handle your glasses with a little bit of love!

Because we don't know where your specs will land, or how they might be handled, we can't give you an absolute guarantee that they won't scratch.

If they do manage to get scratched within 1 year, send them back to us and we'll replace them for 50% off the normal lens price, plus postage.


What materials are your frames made of?

We use first grade cellulose acetate, which we source from Europe and China. You’ll find other materials used in some models, including bamboo, timber, and stainless steel.

You’ll never find frames made from plastic at Naked Specs – we have researched these and many online retailers sell cheap plastic frames that look good at the beginning, but they quickly fade, peel and split. That’s why they are really cheap!  


What’s included in the price of glasses?

 Our optical specs include:

  • 1.5 index lenses
  • anti-reflective & scratch resistent lens coating
  • hard case

Your naked sunglasses include:

  • UV400 polarised or non-polarised lenses (your choice, but we think that once you've had polarised lenses, you'll never go back!)
  • hard case 


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