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What do I need before I buy?

If you are buying Readers or Non-Prescription Sunglasses, you don't need anything - just start shopping!

If you are buying prescription specs or sunglasses, you will need to provide a prescription from an Optometrist that is less than 2 years old, and your Pupillary Distance measurement.


How do I get my prescription?

There are a couple of options:

  1. We can call your Optometrist and get it for you


  1. Simply ask your Optometrist! In most countries, your Optometrist is obliged to provide this to you. In Australia, it is a legal requirement that your Optometrist makes you aware of this… here’s an extract from the Medicare Benefits Schedule “…Where a spectacle prescription is prepared for the patient, it becomes the property of the patient, who is free to have the spectacles dispensed by any person of the patient's choice. The optometrist will ensure that the patient is made aware that he or she is entitled to a copy of the spectacle prescription.”

What’s my PD and how do I get it/measure it?

Your Pupillary Distance is the measurement between the centre of your pupils, in millimetres. You can measure it with a ruler, or get your Optometrist to include this measurement on your prescription.


In the example above, the measurement is 63mm.  This is your Distance Vision PD.  If you are ordering glasses for reading, you will need to deduct 3 mm to get the correct PD for Near Vision.

Click Here to Download Info Sheet on Pupillary Distance

Pupillary Distance can be written in different ways, here’s an explanation:

Monocular PD – this will be written as two separate numbers, something like this 29/31 or this OS29/OD31.  This simply means that the distance between the centre of the bridge of your nose to the right eye and left eye are different.  (OS means right eye and OD means left eye).

Your optometrist will usually use the Monocular PD if the distance from the bridge of your nose to each eye is different.

Binocular PD – this is the total distance from the centre of one pupil to the other.  It will usually be written something like this PD60 or OU60.  (OU means both eyes).

Near and Far PD – this is typically written as 58/61 or NV58/FV61.  Your near vision PD would be used for reading glasses, and the far vision PD would usually be used for progressive or bifocal glasses.

If this sounds too tricky, just email or call us, we’ll make it easy! 

Can you get my prescription for me?

Yes, we sure can! After adding specs to your cart, you can select this option and we’ll ask for a couple of details so that we can call your Optometrist.


Do you do bi-focals or progressive lenses?

Yes we do - but only in our retail store at this time. Feel free to give us a call to chat about your order Click here to call us now! 


Can you fill my very strong prescription?

We usually can.  For very strong prescriptions it's best to choose a small style of frame. 

Sphere (SPH): We are able to fill prescriptions for single vision lenses with a SPH value ranging from -10 to +10.   If you do not have astigmatism, the SPH will be the only value on your prescription (no CYL or Axis).

Cylinder (CYL): If you have astigmatism in either eye, you will have a CYL value on your prescription. We fill prescriptions with a CYL value up to ±8.00.

If you have a SPH value stronger than ±2 & CYL value stronger than ±3.00 on your prescription, we will recommend that you upgrade to 1.6 or 1.67 high index lenses. (Upgrade cost is $120 for 1.6, and it will make your specs thinner and lighter, and generally they will look a whole lot better)! 

If you want to go to top of the wozza lenses - then 1.67 ultra-thin lenses are the way to go. $200 upgrade applies.


Is my contact lens prescription the same for glasses?

No, because glasses sit away from the eye, the prescription is usually different that your contact lens prescription.


Can you provide 1.67 hi-index (ultra thin) lenses?

Yes we can! You can select this option after adding specs to your cart, and after telling us how you want to provide your prescription.  We charge $200 upgrade for these lenses.


I’ve got a new prescription, but I still love my Naked Specs frames – can you change the lenses for me?

We’d be happy to do this for you. Email our gorgeous customer care people at and they’ll get it arranged for you. 


How do I order several pairs of specs but with different prescriptions?

It’s as easy as pie. Every time you add a pair Naked Specs to your cart, you will be given the option to provide prescription details.

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