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Prescription Glasses from Western Australia & abroad - by us, for you!

We are a family business - well, a two-family business actually!  We are the Levin's and the van der Poel's.

We met in Perth Western Australia about 8 years ago, and we've been attempting to keep each other sane ever since!

We all wear specs in some shape or form and our own search for cool specs and sunglasses led us to take a closer look at the eyewear industry. 

We work in the business - you might bump into us at a market stall, answering the phone, responding to your online chat, or packing your glasses for delivery.  There's more that goes on behind the scenes of course, and both families are hands-on.

We discovered that four eyewear stores in our local mall are all owned by the same company, despite the fact that they all go by a different name.  In fact, eyewear around the world is controlled by 2 major corporations, and it's no surprise that most of their stock looks the same. 

We figured there's room for us to bring a different range of specs to the Australian market.  We focus on just a few things, 

  • High quality frames and lenses
  • Cool styles
  • Realistic prices
  • Authentic service


Our WA designs

Our West Australian designs are by us and inspired by what we like to wear, taking inspiration from current trends in fashion, colour and materials.


International design collection

When we find something totally brilliant from an international collection, we'll put it through the family wringer, and if it passes the test, we'll stock it as a limited edition collection.  These frames are not designed by us, but we loved them so much, we just had to bring them to you!

Our international collections are usually sourced from Europe, and are hand made in small artisan factories, featuring the creme de la creme of materials.   


Where our product comes from

Like the big brands, we manufacture in China and Europe.  

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