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We take pride in the fact that Naked Specs are made from high quality materials, and feature superior components when compared to a lot of eyewear online.

Inspiration for our online spectacles comes from the latest design trends in fashion and colour across the world. Here’s where we reveal the real deal on the materials and components that go into our quality designer glasses…

 Naked Specs


Optical lenses





Progressive / Multifocal / No-Line Bifocal Lenses

All our complete glasses packages come with 1.5 Index single vision lenses complete with anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings.  

Our 1.5 index lenses are made from a resin material CR39.  It has a higher visual acuity rating than polycarbonate lenses (which means you get a clearer view!)


You can upgrade to thinner lenses - 1.6 Extra Thin $120 or 1.67 Ultra Thin $200. (These are made from a Japanese resin material).


Our Progressive Lenses are WIDEVIEW lenses. They are a Premium lens that provides the widest, distortion-free reading area. Your choice of frame for these digitally surfaced lenses is virtually unlimited.

You will pay $130 extra to upgrade your glasses to this Premium lens with us.

Very rarely will prices include lens coatings - these are often charged at up to $100 extra.

Many will use a polycarbonate material which has the lowest visual acuity rating of all optical lens products. It is a strong material, but with the lowest visual accuracy.



Upgrades for high index lenses can be as high as $350.


You'll probably be offered an entry level progressive lens, with a narrower vision field - these don't work well with smaller frames, so your choice of frame will be limited.

For a Wideview lens, a local optical chain near us that offers discount prescription glasses charges $350 extra.

Sunglass lenses

We use polarized lenses with UV400 protection, regardless of whether your sunglasses are prescription or non-prescription.

If you’ve never had polarized sunglasses, you’ll be amazed by the difference they make.

High index lenses are not available for polarized sunglasses.

So you don't want polarised lenses? No problem!  We can provide you with a Tinted lens that includes UV400 protection, and no polarisation.  Easy peasy.

Standard sunglass lenses will provide UV200 protection.

Polarizing is usually an added extra that costs up to $800 with with our local savings optical store.
Lens Coatings Free of charge, we apply a Hard Multi-Coat to our standard 1.5 Index lenses to make them scratch resistant and anti-reflective.


Coatings are almost never included in the lens price, and this is an added extra that pushes up the price of your glasses at a traditional retail outlet - anywhere from $60-$100 per pair

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses transition from clear to a tinted lens when they are exposed to heat and UV light.

You can add photochromic lenses to any optical specs for $100 when you place your chosen specs into your cart.
Traditional retail outlets charge anywhere from $100 - $300

We use high quality cellulose acetate, including Italian made.

Many online spectacles stores will sell glasses frames made from plastic which discolours, peels and splits.


Naked Specs feature acetate, wood, bamboo and stainless steel temples.



Almost all of our frames include spring hinges to ensure a better fit and comfort. Spring hinges are also more forgiving and less likely to break if you treat them roughly!

Often spring hinges are only found in high priced designer glasses.


Q:  How do we do it?

A: We don’t have large corporate overheads. We’ve streamlined our business and made a conscious decision to deliver savings to you.

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