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Blue Blocker Anti Reflective Lenses

Regardless of your age, many of us are experiencing eye strain and fatigue from prolonged exposure to computer screens, harsh artificial indoor lighting as well as reduced sharpness of vision and heightened sensitivity to night-time driving. What the medical and optical industry DOES recommend to reduce these symptoms is the use of anti- reflective coatings on lenses and regular eye exams. Currently there is no strong scientific evidence to suggest that blue light blocking lenses will reduce eye strain during computer use, it is still early days in the research. So, to cover all bases, Naked Specs are pleased to offer “Blue Blocker Anti Reflective Lenses" (B-BAR) – available without a prescription.  These lenses have BOTH blue light blocking AND anti-reflective coatings.

Benefits of these lenses include:

Naked Specs have introduced frame and lens packages which include these B-BAR lenses on a selected range of frames. Additionally, we can also add these lenses to any frame we have in our retail / warehouse and online stock for no extra charge. They will be included within the frame price. Please email us at to see what additional frames we can show you that are not listed on our website.

N.B. If discomfort persists or you are concerned in anyway, we still strongly suggest that you visit your optometrist or medical practitioner.