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Optical Frames

Naked Specs brings you are range of carefully-curated, boutique eyewear for both men and women that is not typically found on the high street. Our brands include Paul Taylor, Caroline Abram, Kaleos, Max Mara, Daniel Hechter, Simple, Matisse, Carter Bond and Jono with our latest ranges from LA Eyeworks, Robert La Roche, David Spencer, Talla, Otis, Charmont, Christian LaCroix, Plein Les Mirettes, Frost Eyewear and Missoni and more. 

We have over 1500 frames available to choose from in-store so rest assured you will be spoiled for choice as our range is simply breathtaking!

Purchase the frame only or both the frame and lens made to your prescription and requirements.

All stated prices are frame-only.

Lens options available include:

  • Single vision prescription (reading or distance)
  • Corporate prescription (reading and computer)
  • 1.5 index lens (standard), 1.6 and 1.67 high index lenses
  • Transition lenses (photochromic) in a variety of colours
  • Anti-glare coatings
  • Blue light blocker lenses

Prices for lens options are displayed when selected throughout the ordering process.

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