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Common Eye Injuries

Posted on November 24, 2014

Are you aware that just by accidentally irritating your eyes with shampoo is a common eye injury that occur in home?

Here's another common eye injuries that we should avoid:


  • Chemical Burns- exposure of our eyes to household cleaning products. It is usually caused by a splash of liquid getting in your eye. But they can be caused in other ways as well, such as by rubbing your eyes when you have a chemical in your hands or accidentally spraying your eyes with aerosols or hair sprays. Just put your head on a steady of barely warm tap water for 15 minutes and let it run to your eyes down to your face. If it get's red and blurry then go immediately to your doctor.
  • Foreign Bodies- small pieces of grit, wood or metal getting in the eye. If you experience this type of injury, don't ever try to remove it by yourself especially if it's a metal or fish hook. Your eye doctor should remove these foreign bodies as soon as possible. If possible, try loosely taping a paper cup or eye shield over your eye for protection; then seek help.
  • Blows to the eye- such as being hit by a fist, elbow or ball. Swollen eyes or black eyes is the common result for being struck by either a ball or being hit by a fist. The usual treatment for this is just an ice pack. You may also have a simple black eye (bruising around the eye), but you should see an eye doctor to make sure there's no internal damage.
  • Radiation Exposures- such as exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or sun lamps. 
  • Scratches and Abrasions- such as from fingernails or tree branches. It's common when our eyes are getting poked or rubbing it when a foreign body is present. If you have scratched eyes, it may get susceptible to infections and if it gets serious.. this might result to blindness. Don't try to rub it or patch something to your eyes and see your doctor as soon as possible to check this type of injury.
  • Penetrating or cutting injuries- such as cuts from glass or projectiles flung from tools


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