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Eye Care Mistakes!

Posted on November 18, 2014

So here are some of the eye care mistakes that you might thinking was right...
  • Sleeping in Contact lenses!

If your sleeping while wearing contact lenses? Oh No! It's a big No-No! Here's the reason why.. Sleeping with contacts affects the blood vessels in the eye and it may develop into a corneal infections. By simply sleeping with contact lenses, it might result to your permanent loss of sight.
  • Sleeping in your Make Up!

Here's for the Girls... I know, there's always someone out there who forgets to remove her make up before going to sleep. and that's a very bad habit! If your aware that leaving your make up on while your sleeping may damage your skin, well, the same goes to your eyes! Eye make up particles might clog glands and irritate your eyes. Aside from that, your mascara will make your lashes brittle and break easily. Errr.. Imagine yourself without lashes! Beware next time..
  • Relying on eye drop 

Some of us use eye drops as a first aid to eye irritation but most of us, overuse this redness- reducing eye drops that leads to temporary shrinking of blood vessels. If you're experiencing eye redness, visit your doctor first.
  • Eye liner to Water line

Before applying something to your eye, always remember to check the content. Especially eye make ups, Putting eyeliner inside of the lower eyelid can cause bacterial infections.
  • Using expired eye products!

If you really love your eyes, then always remember this...aside form the content of the products, Note This: CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE. You might not notice the expiration date of the products you're using whether it's an eye drop, contact lenses or sterile solutions! 
  • Only wearing sunglasses when it's sunny!

Be sure to wear sunglasses not just when it's sunny but also during winter. In the first place, you're wearing sunglasses when it's summer because of the UV rays, right? aside from the fact that it's a popular fashion accessory. Do you know that Ultraviolet Rays are just as strong in the winter as in the summer? It's because sunlight reflects off snow. 
  • Touching and Rubbing your eyes!

If our eyes were itching, What should be the first thing to do? Touch it, and Rub it! Engk! Wrong Answer.. Look at your hands guys, isn't it too obvious that were holding almost anything everyday? Bacteria all over your hands, and your going to use it to ease the itchiness of you eyes?! If you really want to touch or rub your eyes, just fully close it. I know you wouldn't wish to have a broken blood vessels and inflammation. Our eyes is very, very sensitive and very susceptible to collecting germs. So wash your hands more often... 
  • Staring too long to Electronic Devices

Don't try to deny it, because even me?guilty! It's time to make a change.. ^^,
From now on, lets us give our eyes regular breaks from the electronic devices we're using such as laptops, televisions, smartphones, and tablets. If you're reading our blogs, you might remember the 20-20 rule:  Every 20 minutes, look away for at least 20 seconds at something at least 20 feet away. It can help to avoid eye strain, headaches and fatigue. Fingers Cross! Eyes close.. Let's do the 20-20 rule!
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