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Wacky Wednesday!

Posted on October 29, 2014

It's Wacky Wednesday! So, our funny picture for today...


This woman's kinda' creepy.. oh well, maybe she just love to scare. But take a look at her Glasses.. it looks like a honeycomb ^.^. Anyway, cheers to the creators imaginative idea and say hello to the coming Halloween! Now, for her glasses...

I have something here that's more to be like.. Try one of our Round Collection, the Cambridge Prescription Glasses and see how it looks good on you! :)

Show your serious side with a splash of colour!  Cambridge specs are a modern twist on traditional style. This style comes with non-spring hinges.

We'll also donate to a community eye-care project - you get lots of good karma, and other deserving people in the world get the gift of clear vision.


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