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Make Up tips to match your glasses!

Posted on October 21, 2014

Worried on how to match your make up with your glasses?

Well.. i have some tips to remember here!


Tip #1. Mascara!


Thinking that it might smudge on your lenses? It depends on your lashes. If you have a natural long lashes, then skip it. And if you have a short lashes, don't forget to apply it on the upper and lower part of your lashes to complete the dramatic pop underneath your glasses!  and by the way, you can also use an eyelash curler.

Tip #2. Gel Liner!

It is one of the top recommended make up tips for eyeglass wearers. It can stay longer and easy to apply.

Tip #3. Thick frames, Thick Eyeliner.. Thin frames, Thin Eyeliner!

Compliment your eyeliner to your frame. It's a one way to balance. Remember, if your eyes look smaller, apply a thick amount of liner and if you have bigger eyes, apply a light amount of liner.

Tip #4. Blush it on!

Don't forget to apply a shade of pink with a warm summer glow on your cheeks. A make up tip for eyeglass wearers all revolves around blush. 

Tip #5. Shimmer!

Add a little bit of shimmer to your lower lid to look more attractive even wearing a specs!

Tip #5. Smoky Eyes!

Just because your wearing a glasses doesn't mean you can no longer apply use a smoky eyes. Double up your liner to make sure that it will show up behind your glasses.

Tip #6. Eyebrows, shape it up!

Shape your eyebrows to your frame. No matter how small or large your senses are, you can use your eyebrows by applying a little eyeliner pencil along the arch of your brows to draw people to your eyes.

Tip #8 Foundation cream!


Use a great foundation to highlight your complexion and to show how flawless your skin are.

Tip #9. Bright and Bold!

 If you want a pop of pink? Then apply it. Save those bright and bold color for your lips.


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