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How to Choose an Eyeglass Frames to suit your Face

Posted on October 06, 2014

Ever wondered if you could wear a pair of glasses that will suit your face cut? if yes, then.. let me help you with some guides.

How to choose eyeglass frames to suit your face

Note 1 : Eye Glasses for a Round Face like Yours

 A "Thick" or "Wide" frames is not appropriate for you. It will add more bulk in your face so prefer with the Thin rectangular frames. It's Perfect for you if you have a round face with puffed cheeks and you want to hide that imperfection. 

Note 2 : Eye Glasses for a Rectangular or Square Face

What's not meant for  round face  would be perfect for a rectangular or square face like yours. Settle with the Round or Oval shape frames than rectangular or sharp angular frames.  The curves will contrast the geometric feature of your face.

Note 3 : Eyeglasses for an Oval Face

This is the most perfect face cut to have that almost all frame styles suits well with this. You just need to choose whether Round, Rectangular or any other, like Cat's eye or butterfly.Wider Frames will balance the length of the oval face.

Note 4 : Eyeglasses for Heart shape / Base -up Triangle shape

If you have a broader forehead and a narrow jawline and cheek, then you have a heart shaped face. That means, you should follow to have  a frame that is broader or rectangular at the base and narrower and rounder at the top, so that it will balance to the narrow chin and broad forehead. Your heart shape face can carry well some great shapes like Butterfly and Cat Eye Frames.

Note 5 : Eyeglasses for Oblong Face

Oblong faces which are lean and long are oblong faces. In order for these to appear fuller and more proportionate and filled up, choose frames that can cover the center of the face and are wide and with decorative features. If you wish to shorten the face, try round, deep, or low-triangle frames.

Note 6 : Eyeglasses for Diamond Shape Face

A rare shape marked with broad cheeks, narrow forehead and chin. The eyeline and chin area are narrow where the cheeks are raised and very prominent. We need choose wider and bigger frames like cat's eye or Oval Frames. And if you want something that rocks?? A rimless one will do!

Note 7 : Eyeglasses for Base Down Triangle Shape Face

If your face is characterized with a narrow forehead that widens at the cheeks and the area of chin. Choose a frame that can add some width and will emphasize the narrow, upper third of your face. Cat eye Frames will help balance the bottom part of the face.




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