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James Dean for #TBT

Posted on July 10, 2014


Rebel Without a Cause

East of Eden



Do these film titles sound familiar? No?!


How about James Dean? Now that rings a bell! James Dean is the cultural icon of teen revolution back in the 50's. He was every girl's fancy and every man's envy.


He wore glasses not because of fashion (as most people do now) but wore them because he was extremely near sighted. He actually NEEDED glasses! And he looked sooo cool in them!


His glasses on this photo looks a lot like the Sevilla prescription glasses in our collection. Want to get the look?


Grande! The bold round shape of the Sevilla prescription glasses says "statement!". These specs are made from high quality black acetate and dark wooden temples. Reveal your inner geek chic!

We'll also donate to a great community eye-care project through our better look, better life project. You get cool specs and good karma for helping us help nice people in need :)


Now, ladies, here is a Throwback Thursday for you - 60's Mod Look

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