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#TBT and How to Use the Virtual Mirror

Posted on June 26, 2014

Have you tried using our virtual mirror? No? Oh, you have to! It is a cool way to try on our specs. Since it is #TBT we will be using John Travolta's photo way way back in the 70's as an example.



John Travolta is wearing Stockholm, CasablancaAmsterdam, and Cervera.


Step 1. Go to the page of the glasses of your choice and click on the VIRTUAL TRY ON button on the right hand side of the screen. We are trying the Amsterdam here.



Step 2. This screen will appear. You can choose to snap a photo using your webcam or use a current photo from your computer or facebook.



Step 3. We Chose to use a picture from my computer.



Step 4. Upload your photo. It will show up like this. You can edit the contrast and image rotation.



Step 5. Adjust the position of your glasses.



Step 6.Voila! You can now see if the glasses you chose fits you!



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