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5 Things You Can Do NOW To Make The World A Better Place

Posted on June 25, 2014

You think it is too late in the afternoon to change the world? Nah! There is no odd time to change the world! You can make it better anytime, anywhere! Here are five tips for this afternoon:


Say thank you to the bus driver, ticket attendant, security guard, or cab driver. They are the invisibe people in the service industry. We are used to saying thank you to waiters, customer service reps, and other front liners, but we forget to thank the guards who make sure everything's okay, the bus driver who takes us home, the street sweeper who cleans up after us. Brighten up their day by saying thanks!


Sincerely compliment your coworker. Does Laura have a nice new do? Is Jim losing weight? Don't keep it in your head, say it out loud. Let them know someone sees their efforts to look good or stay in shape.


Clear your desk. Oh, this one is for you! You will have a better morning tomorrow if you clear your desk before leaving work today. If you do this, you'll thank us tomorrow!


Call your parents. This is a no brainer - calling your folks would give you +10 karma ponts. Tell them you love them, ask how their day went. 


Let someone go in front of you. Be it in a line, going in the elevator, driving through the traffic jam going home, walking in the curb. Let someone go before you, and smile at them too!


Any more ideas?

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