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The Three Cocos Islands

Posted on June 22, 2014

What comes to mind when you hear the word Cocos?

A refreshing drink? Tiki huts? Tropical islands?


Well, you are correct if you thought of these things. Actually, there is not one but three Cocos Islands in the world (in the universe presumably)! One in Australia, Guam and Costa Rica. All three islands are beautiful and sand laden. Perfect for a summer escape, except for Guam which limits visitors due to levels of chemicals present due to military testing. The most inhabited of the three is the Cocos of Australia, with over 600 people living the island life!


That is the inspiration of our women's prescription glasses - Cocos. All things sun and sand and juicy orange, yum! Cocos is made from a high quality acetate and features dark navy accents for a vivacious pair of women's prescriptions glasses. This style comes with non-spring hinges.


Your purchase brings clear vision to as many as 5 other people the planet when we donate!



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