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Just for Fun: Of Eyes and Personality

Posted on June 17, 2014


They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So true! Your emotions, however hard you try to hide them, can be seen through your eyes. And do you know that your eye color can say a lot about your personality? While there are no hard facts about the correlation of eye color and personality, it is fun to read through it and say "Yes! That is totally me!"

Blue Eyes

Blue eyed people are very lively and youthful. If you have blue eyes, you are probably partying till 3, living la vida loca! You are charming attractive, and have a hundred friends (more than a thousand on facebook, possibly).

Brown Eyes

Simplicity, strength, and creativity best describes you. You are the friend everyone goes to for advice or a shoulder to lean on. Although you enjoy being around people, you still do not show too much emotion in front of other people.

Black Eyes

You are probably reading this blog from your office desk at 10 in the evening. You are extremely hard working and have a very high standard for excellence. You are very passionate about anything you put your hands into.

Green Eyes

You have just finished giving a speech at the community fair or your child's PTC. You are a prolific public speaker - very intelligent and verbose. Your romance with words will take you places and meet great people!

Hazel Eyes

At the beach this week, on top of the mountains the next. You are very spontaneous and could not seem to keep your roots in place. You are outgoing and adventurous, and likes keeping engagements short and sweet.


If you are a hardworking black eyed lady, we recommend the Valtellina. Perfect to highlight your beautiful eyes and add a touch of color. Ruby red Valtellina has hand-crafted wooden temples that would complement you perfectly!

We'll donate to a community eye-care project when you purchase. You get to be part of a movement to bring clear vision to those in need :)

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