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Edinburgh - A Different Kind of Nightlife

Posted on June 15, 2014
Photo: AP


Hearing the word Edinburgh would bring to mind elegant castles, afternoon tea and quaint streets. When visiting Edinburgh, nothing would prepare you for their very unique "nightlife" activity. Throughout Edinburgh, there are spooky tours being conducted once the dark of night sets in. You might be taken to secret underground tunnels, and other spooky places. This is a great twist to a traditional town!



Just like our very own Edinburgh sunglasses for men!  A bit of a modern twist...

We love a modern twist on a traditional shape! Take a perfectly round shape, add some retro detailing and a splash of bright red accent to the inside  layer that's bright and full of personality, and you've got Edinburgh. Perfectly rounded, but far from boring!

These sunnies also come with the added bonus of giving the gift of sight through our better look, better life project. Smiles all round :)

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