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How To Make a Vision Board for Your Computer

Posted on June 12, 2014
Are you, like most people, always on your computer? For work, for play, keeping in touch with friends, learning. We have been glued to this machine for everything! We even take it everywhere!
We had a chat here at the office the other day about vision boards, and how they re-align us to our dreams and make the  seemingly menial tasks along the way bearable. Vision boards are nice, but having them neatly tucked in our home may not be the best place to have them. Specially when you are at work almost all day.
So we decided to take our vision boards wherever we are. Do you want to know how? Let's go!
Step 1. Plan your boards! The example shows a board that has different topics in it. But create a board per topic. Say, one board is for personal growth, another for health, another for work and career, etc.
Step 2. Gather images that you'd want your life to look like. I find that seeing actual people doing the things I like to do works best because it has an emotional connection, somehow.
Step 3. Compose affirmations in relation to your goal. Make it first person - I am... My...
Step 4. Look for your computer's screen resolution. Mine is 1366 x 768 pixels. Make this the size of your vision board so your entire screen will be filled with your vision board.
Step 5. Put it all together! This is where the fun begins! If you know photoshop or gimp, lucky you! But if not, there are free tools online, like canva, picmonkey, piccollage, etc. We love canva, by the way! Just choose a template to work with, drag and drop your images, and then add text. Super simple!
Step 6. Save all your vision boards in one folder. No other files should be in that folder.
Step 7. Set it up on your computer. For windows users, go to control panel > appearance and personalization > personalization > desktop backgroud and choose the folder where you saved the images in. Set the timer how often you want the images to shuffle (mine is set to 5 minutes per board).
Voila! You now have your vision boards with you at work, at your local coffee shop, and everywhere you are!
When you feel tired just opening up your office spreadsheet, minimize the tab and see why you are working so hard now.
When your colleague is not cooperating, minimize the tab and read your words of affirmation.
When the work day is just too long, minimize the tab and know that this will take you places.
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