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What are OneDollarGlasses?

Posted on June 04, 2014

Provide 150 million people around the world with glasses -- WOW! That is what you call a goal!


Sarah with her self-produced OneDollarGlasses. Uganda, October 2012. | © Martin Aufmuth

OneDollarGlasses is one of the charities that you can choose to pay forward to when you buy prescription glasses online from We think their fabulous social business model is genius. Everytime you purchase glasses and choose OneDollarGlasses, locals from Uganda, Rwanda, Burkina Faso or Ethiopia will receive receive training and materials to produce one dollar glasses. This way, locals bring clear vision to their community while making a living.


Choose the Valtellina! Transparent red polarized sunglasses with UV400 lenses and hand-crafted wooden temples. We'll fit them with prescription or non-prescription lenses.


Your purchase will help to bring clear vision to those in need  - choose OneDollarGlasses!

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