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Vitamin A and Child Blindness Prevention

Posted on May 28, 2014

You probably skipped the carrot on your plate, did not drink milk today or do not eat liver at all. You are very lucky to be able to do that and not risk losing your sight.

Why the babble about carrots, milk and liver? Well, these are just some very rich sources of Vitamin A that we all have access to everyday, and probably take for granted.

This is extremely far from the estimated 190 million preschool children worldwide who suffer from Vitamin A deficiency because they lack access to good nutrition and proper medical care. Half a million of these children become blind every year.

But there is a way to combat childhood blindness! And you can be part of that – (no, you do not need to send sacks of carrots or pumpkin to children in developing nations ^-^ ). When you purchase from our wide selection of designer glasses online, you can help fund 500 doses of Vitamin A to children in Kenya. You get your beautifully crafted specs, plus you get to set kids up for a life that includes vision!

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