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Why I Started A Business That Gives

Posted on April 05, 2015


For some reason this Easter is a time of reflection for me. The quiet time lets my mind wander to all corners of life, and I'm taking stock of where things are at, what has been done, what's been achieved, and what still needs to be conquered!

My 'need to get stuff done' list is a bit longer than I would like, some things are taking longer than I would like. That's the stuff that frustrates the pants off me.

On the flip side, there are things that bring a fabulous sense of satisfaction, happiness, and elation!  That's exactly where I come to when thinking about the people whose lives have been changed as a result of Naked Specs.

Our Business For Good Contribution

If you are reading this you probably know that every time someone (perhaps you!) buys a pair of glasses from us, we give to a community development project that restores vision, prevents blindness, or helps a vision impaired person live a better life. 

So far these gifts total 8041 micro-giving acts which are distributed to our chosen projects through B1G1, plus our funding of a mobile clinic in Indonesia which screened 1011 people and treated 402 through cataract operations, eye glasses or medication.  

The lady pictured with me is Sukari, the first person to have her sight restored as a result of our giving programme.  She'd been totally blind for 10 years, and her face went from one that looked lost and empty, to one that was cheeky and joyful the instant that her eye patch was removed after her surgery.

It's impossible to put a price on restoring the sight of a person who has been blind for 10 years and I can't recount the story of Sukari without tearing up!  She, and others like her are the reason I started this business.

Enjoy your Easter, and be thankful you can see this post!

Carol Pearce, Founder


PS.  My thanks to Masami Sato and Paul Dunn at B1G1 for being amazing enablers for Business For Good, and to all the other business owners who are making a real difference through micro-giving acts.  


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How to Create Sexy Dark Cat Eyes

Posted on February 16, 2015

Love to look seductively sexy?

Follow this simple steps...

Step 1:

Draw a 360 degrees in the inner eye.

Step 2: 

Underline the upper lid

Step 3:

Shade off with an eye brush

Step 4:

Roll the mascara on your lashes, then apply a second layer.

Simple right? but you'll totally enjoy it.




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Classy Melbourne

Posted on February 13, 2015
Want to look classy on Valentines day? You'll love Melbourne then..
  1. Shona Joy's The Modernists Cocktail Dress  
  2. Metal Top-Handle Clutch Bag by Zalora
  3. Melbourne by nakedspecs 
  4. Guess' Honora
  5. Butter London's Blowing Raspberry Nail Lacquer
  6. Extra Long Resin Band Bangle - Deep Magenta MEDIUM FIT by Dinosaur Designs

Statement sunglasses that reflect city-slick Melbourne. These glossy black women's polarised sunglasses feature a cheeky inside layer of marbled raspberry pink to make them a standout accessory. This style comes with non-spring hinges.

Your purchase will help bring clear vision to nice people in the world.

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#Wacky Wednesday

Posted on February 11, 2015

Photo Found on

Who's excited for the coming valentines day? Don't you think a specs or a sunglasses is a perfect gift for your love one? What are you waiting for... get up and have one of our specs or sunglasses that will make your love one smile on Valentines day!



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How to Save your Eyeglasses screws

Posted on February 10, 2015

Having this problem of losing, breaking, locked and head of the screw damage?Screw is the component that is responsible for the stability, mobility and glasses comfort. It's the thing that brings the parts of the glasses together.

Unscrewing and loss of eyeglass screws

Once you lose a screw, replace it immediately. Use a hand matching screwdriver and screws if you're going to do it yourself. Use clear nail polish, and put it over the screw head and prevent unscrewing. Do not use any other adhesive, it may cause the color to dissolve from the glasses or can result in permanent locking of the screw.

Applying nail polish on the screws prevents unscrewing and loss.

Screw breaking

If you accidentally sit on your glasses, you'll surely break the screws on it. Once this happens, it must be replaced entirely. To avoid breaking the screws, keep your glasses in a shock resistance case.

Screw locking

How does it happen? Simply, when you put glue on it's head or you bent the temple extremely hard, it will get stuck and is hard to remove.

The screw must be cleaned up first if glue was placed on it's head.Instead of using glue, apply a nail polish and a case to protect the frame.

Screw head damage

Making wrong moves when unscrewing it, too much use of glue or using wrong screw driver might damage the screw head. To avoid this, use a proper screw driver or turn to a specialist for repairs. 


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How to remove excess mascara from your eyelids

Posted on February 09, 2015

Who among you girls were having this long time problem removing a smudged mascara?

Well.. i will raise my hand and say guilty! :)

But worries no more.. this simple tip will make you smile.

  1. Cotton Buds or Q- Tip - Go ahead and look for a q-tip. 
  2. Glass of clean water - dip the q-tip on a glass of water and lightly roll it on the affected area. The smudge should disappear.
  3. Make up remover - Now, after the smudges disappear, take a soft cotton ball and put a slight amount of make up remover to clean the remaining smudges.
  4. Let it dry - Allow it to air- dry or pat a soft cloth on your skin.
  5. Check your Mascara - You have to check your mascara if it's still in good condition and in date. This might be the cause of dripping mascara. 

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Perfect Casablanca!

Posted on February 06, 2015
Love it? Than get Casablanca.. it will perfectly match the outfit!
  1. Tier Beaded Shift Dress by New look 
  2. Dorothy Perkins' Wing Lock Satchel
  3. Casablanca by Naked Specs
  4. Veralli's Brad
  5. DéVine Goddess Lipstick by Napoleon Perdis
  6. DinosaurDesigns' Atelier Medium Necklace - Brass

Fancy a pair of beautiful transparent sunglasses to set off a bronzed summer tan? Casablanca women's sunglasses come with UV400 polarized lenses in autumn brown.  

Every pair purchased will give the gift of sight to as many as 5 deserving people through our better look, better life project.

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#TBT- Jean Seberg

Posted on February 05, 2015

Cat's How i love Jean Sebergs look! much better if she's wearing Sydney:)

These are big city specs! Transparent blue seas that remind us of Darling Harbour and Sydney beaches. These cat's eye sunglasses have classic black temples and UV400 polarized lenses.

Nice people will receive the gift of clear vision as a result of this purchase through our better life, better look project.


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#Wacky Wednesday!

Posted on February 04, 2015

Unique upside down glasses.. hmmm.. you'll rather love the Antwerp not only because it's a city and municipality in Belgium but also a lovely glasses by naked specs.


In this case, the amber coloured acetate is jewels for your eyes. Antwerp is low profile in shape, but not in colour.

You also get to choose an eye-care project for us to donate to, and help up to 5 other people in the world see clearly.

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